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Mov'in Boat was an event created by BBR Agency and Sponsored by Tiktok.
An outdoor cinema situated in Darling harbor in Sydney harbor.

This event took the outdoor cinema experience to new heights, being able to watch the movies in little boats and giving Mov'in Boat all it's meaning.
We were approached to create promotional assets for this event.

For: Mov'in Boat
Client:BBR Agnecy

Co-director/Director of Photography: Vert Prod
Camera Operator: Vert Prod

Editor: Vert Prod

Colorist: Vert Prod

Movinboat (1 of 4).jpg
Movinboat (1 of 1).jpg
Movinboat (3 of 4).jpg
Movinboat (4 of 4).jpg
Movinboat (2 of 4).jpg
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